Tuesday, November 11, 2014


As a quick follow-up to our gray water tank DIY repair series (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3), we present this unexpected oddity:
That's a pic of our AI at the top.  The bottom is a pic of a different AI that belongs to another local owner.  This is a mess that is going to make the ensuing repair that much more difficult.  
Someone appears to have attempted to fix the gray water leak in this second vehicle by piling a bunch of mastic or some other kind of goop into the break point.  This other AI was also purchased used, and so we have no idea who did this - an inexperienced DIYer or a "professional" repair person.  Obviously this patch was never going to hold.  If the pipe itself wasn't strong enough to maintain the connection under normal operating conditions, then gobs of applied mastic or sealant had no chance.

I thought I'd include this as a point of reference just in case anyone in the future follows the trail of breadcrumbs trying to figure out what happened to their own gray water system and why.  Your system might not look like ours did - if someone else messed with it in the intervening time, it could look more like the bottom photo.  

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