Sunday, October 6, 2019


Not necessarily realized potential, but potential.  I don't want to take yet another set of boring pics of my van simply parked in front of street art, duh.  I'm trying to create moments that actually make sense, with the van in the art.  But you have to remember that making a 10-foot-tall, 23-foot-long whale of a vehicle appear like it actually belongs in any given scene is not an easy thing.  Especially when one is surrounded by homeless handout petitioners, relentless street hustlers, other gaping groups of touristy people waiting for their turn to snap a pic, and various and sundry other distractions and impediments.

Here are a few shots from my first such attempt in Houston's Old Chinatown this morning.

It's parked right under the concrete awning, like the awning was made to fit the roof.
This was one of the original Houston murals that started the craze.  It's a bit faded by now, and doesn't lend itself to easy composition. 
The shape and color of this building with the inset black echoes the inset black of the van windows, but I haven't figured out how to frame it yet.
One of my favorite reflection shots. 
Another reflection, off the rear windows this time.
Not much artistry in this one, but OMG - an astronaut cuddling an armadillo with an oil derrick reflected in his visor - who could resist such Houstoniana?!
Interstate as pillow for that medusa head, perhaps?
Anyway, more for me to noodle on, the next time I feel like taking an early Sunday morning jaunt downtown.