Wednesday, June 24, 2015


There is also a "Sandy Creek Park" within downtown Jasper Texas, so don't confuse the two.  This one is a US Army Corps of Engineers campground on B. A. Steinhagen Lake (Dam B).
Googlemaps doesn't do it justice.  
This Find a Friend phone screengrab from my husband's phone shows a bit more of the park roads and area.  The park is quite large.  I had site # 24, which I picked because it is located some distance away from most of the other camp sites.  See this map for site locations and booking. 
I hadn't been to this facility before but I had business in the Jasper area the following day, so I decided to make a night of it.  I must declare myself to be the Master of the Mini-Vacation.  This one lasted about 4 hours in length: three hours the night before, and 1 more hour of relaxation before I had to head to work the next morning.  Here are a few pics of my short but wonderful stay.
My Airstream Interstate parked in the distance is 9 feet tall, so you can do the math on the height of those trees. 
This is what I came to see.  
And especially this.  Living in an urban area of 6.5 million people, I hardly ever get to see the likes of this. 
Late June in east Texas means scorching hot weather.  Nevertheless, I draped my mosquito net over the rear of the Interstate and slept without a/c.  No sense being in a place like this if I cannot hear the wildlife at night.
I picked up a strategy tip from a few recent postings on Air Forums.  I had 30 amp service here, so for as long as the sun was up (and the temperature was still in the 90's), I cranked the roof a/c to keep the vehicle cool.  About an hour after sunset, I turned off the a/c and opened the doors and window flaps.  This way, the body of the Interstate would not re-radiate accumulated heat throughout the night.  It worked - temperatures probably remained in the low 80's for most of the night with humidity near 100%, but I found it to be bearable.  
A bit of morning mist on the water. 
Two local ladies in a nearby camp site, who had graciously shared their campfire stew with me the evening before. 
The same sunset tree, pensive by morning.
Boat dock at dawn. 
I definitely recommend this little park, especially given the ease of site-specific reservations offered by the federal government's website.  The park is very well run, felt very safe, and is obviously located in a beautiful setting.
I did not anticipate this trip, so it has to stay on my travel commemorative in temporary paper form for the time being.